LORENZO’S WAYS – Where Taste Matters

LORENZO’S WAY – Where Taste Matters




Wooden tables and chairs, elegant lights and walls filled with various paintings – everything comes together to form one attractive package. Lorenzo’s Way is nestled in the cozy and casual food area of Greenbelt. The place is relaxing and the vibe is charming, inviting, and accessible to everyone because it is located in Makati Central Business District.

Lorenzo’s Way is a casual fine dining restaurant which offers a number of signature dishes that will tickle the taste buds of everyone. The offerings are as tasty as they are elegant. Because at Lorenzo’s Way, taste matters. Their menu of food is very extensive from appetizers to dessert . They even have a bartending station for so it could be overwhelming to decide what to have. But the attentive service crew would gladly steer you in the right direction.


As the waiters gave us the menu, we asked which their specialties are. House specialties include Costillas de Ternera Guisada, Spanish Garlic Chicken, and Paella Valenciana. Among the three, we tried two of their specialties and other dishes.


Costillas de Ternera Guisada

Beef Braised short ribs slow cooked in Red Wine Sauce. The beef was braised in its own brown sauce with red wine, onion, carrots olives and peas, which has been cooked to perfection. The red wine gives a balance on the sauce, which makes rich tasting gravy. The beef is so tender that it will give a melt-in-mouth feeling. The flavors of the beef are evident on the sauce, which will go well with rice on your plate. Serving size for solo is Php 395.00. Rating: 4.5/5

garlic chicken

Spanish Garlic Chicken

Boneless Chicken thighs seasoned and baked in olive oil and garlic cloves. The chicken is baked crispy on the outside and juicy and succulent on the inside. The dish is served with a lot of garlic cloves, which is roasted. The garlic cloves give an aromatic and sweet flavor when you spread it on the chicken. The dish also goes well with rice. Serving size for solo is Php 365.00. Rating: 3/5


Hickory Spare Ribs

Well marbled spare ribs with their special Barbeque sauce and fries. The spare ribs were grilled to perfection- cooked throroughtly but very soft and juicy. Also gives a melt-in-mouth feeling. Serving size for solo is Php. 265.00.Rating: 4/5


Kangkong lechon

Sauteed water spinach topped with lechon kawali It is basically the classic adobong kangkong with a twist because it is topped with our favorite lechon kawali. The whole dish was good and well seasoned, when you bite into the pork it is crispy at the same time, soft and tender, eating it will remind you of home Inihaw na Liempo Grilled liempo paired with atchara (pickled unripe papaya) and soy sauce dip. Same with the other dishes in LW’s menu, it is special because it gives you the taste of home. Rating: 3.5/5


Inihaw na Liempo

Grilled liempo paired with atchara (pickled unripe papaya) and soy sauce dip. Same with the other dishes in LW’s menu, it is special because it gives you the taste of home. Rating: 4/5



a definitely MUST TRY at Lorenzo’s Way. The typical baklava is crunchy but Lorenzo’s way made it a bit different- soft wet pastry and has a mochi texture on the outside- Made of walnut and pistachios, honey and topped with confectioners’ sugar and vanilla ice cream. The baklava isn’t too sweet nor under seasoned. One word to describe – Perfection. Baklava is available for Php 250. Rating: 5/5


Avocado Shake

Same taste as the normal avocado shake. But the twist is the vanilla ice cream flavor on top to make the taste better.

Rating 4/5

Lorenzo’s Way is a happy Tribute to the man behind some of the country’s finest restaurants and cafés. The pioneer in theme and concept restaurants, Lorenzo “Larry” J. Cruz, created and established restaurants, cafés, and bistros with dishes that caught the fancy taste of the people.


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