It’s Your Passion that Matters

by Arjay Viñas


Sunday Night: Set Alarm for Monday at 5:00AM, Activate Snooze, Browse Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Play game until you don’t realize that its already 1:00AM

Monday: Alarm snoozes. Stops alarm and promise to self that I will wake up at 5:30 but will wake up at 6:00. Prepare for 7:00AM class. Go to school at 6:50 then class starts at 7:00AM. Go home again after 10:00AM to change to corporate attire due to lecture class. Go back to school again for lecture classes until 6:00PM. Change clothes for gym. Go to Malate and work out until 9:00PM, Go home then do school works until I won’t realize that I already fell asleep on my table.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Wake up, prepare for your lunch, go to school, prepare for gym then work out again.

Friday: Waking up at 5:00AM again. It’s the hardest day for me because most of the parties are held every Thursday night and I had a 7:00AM class. Having a cup of coffee before going to school and go home at 10:00AM. Prepare my clothes and go home to province

Saturday: Family Time

Sunday: Going Back to Manila 😦

Everyone seems to be tired of what they’re doing everyday but not me. I have to admit I’m not a morning person and I hate waking up early but I have to do it for myself. I want to learn a lot of things. I have already mastered the life of arriving in school with a haggard look especially every Monday and Friday but I don’t regret a thing.


Being a culinary student isn’t an easy one unlike what other things. You have to be disciplined in terms of time, grooming and attitude. Being a culinary student isn’t only leaning on how to cook good food but also knowing the basics and principles of business particularly in Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Franchising. Moreover, we are also thought the general education subjects which other courses also take.

Being a culinary student doesn’t mean that you’ll stuck yourself in the kitchen and classroom, studying. We find time to have fun, unwind and live the life of being a teen even though we have to study and learn a lot.


As a culinary student, we also encounter and deal with different types of people: those who have same attitude as yours, the one you don’t like, the one who have attitude problems, and the one who’s really a good one. You have no choice but to work with them. Nevertheless, culinary life is exciting, you get to play with kitchen equipment, explore and cook good food. You have to be physical and emotionally tough with if you’re in kitchen life- standing for long hours and missing the life outside the kitchen. You should also continue learning as new techniques and products have been made from time to time.


Being   a culinary student and chef in the making may really be hard but it is your passion that matters the most, being able to touch the lives and impress people is the best thing about being a chef even though you have a hard life.


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