Waking up every morning is not my thing. I always tend to wake up late and to lazy to go to the comfort room and be prepared for school. I never thought that I would do things like this. I dreamed of being a chef when I was a kid, not knowing the duties and responsibilities I will encounter sooner or later. I thought this would be easy, I am just going to cook and serve. I was wrong. Being a chef also needs to study to enhance more skills and be better or great in the future.
You will encounter many attitudes like great cooking skills, feeling great or know all. In the kitchen, team work needs to be there to make the dish successful. Every laboratory meeting makes me excited because I can try out and learn a new dish, I get to discover more and more on how I am going to cook one main ingredient to many dishes.
Cooking and studying is hard to do at the same time. Going to school early for kitchen laboratory and study for the other subjects. Bringing a corporate attire for another lecture class is too hassle when having a kitchen laboratory. I am tired cooking but I still need to change my outfit before I can take a break. Worrying about projects that needs to be submitted, homework, and activities to fill up my grades.
Meeting real friends is not easy, but i found the right one. Even if school stressed me out, there is always them to make my everyday a fun day.
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
– George Bernard Shaw

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