by Arjay Vinas


Hello! Hi! Bonjour! Kamusta! I’m Arjay Viñas and yes, I’m a


I’m from the province of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, I’m 18 years old and born on December 30 1996. Yes, Its Rizal Day- no classes- meaning “less gastos” due to libres every occasion. Im currently studying Culinary Arts at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. I really wanted to take culinary arts since I was young because of our business and my passion for food. I started cooking when I was grade 2, the first dish that I’ve able to cook is the Ginisang Bataw. Im currently on my sophomore year and turning into junior year next term.

IMG_0956entry 1

Food trips, photography, traveling, reading books and cooking are the things I usually do during my free time. I’m a sucker for Japanese Food- in fact I eat at Japanese Restaurants for at least 3 times a week. I also love experimenting on different herbs and spices- exploring kitchen secrets through myself. My ultimate inspiration would be my father, he was able to build a successful business without even going to school. He’s also good in cooking- In fact, I got my cooking skills from him.

Aside from studying Culinary Arts, I’m also an entrepreneur. I used to sell Pastillas in Manila through orders and meetups and earn from it. At my young age, my father wants us (me and my brother) to learn how to handle business. He wants us to realize how hard to earn money and how to keep it which is helpful for me. After culinary arts, I’m planning to take another degree, either Marketing Management or Business Management because I know that I can’t be in kitchen forever, I want to start my own business in the future and hopefully, could share what I’ve learned in life through teaching- either culinary arts or management and lastly, I want to give back to those people who helped me.


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