Rediscover your old favorites and treat yourself to Manam’s Filipino dish creations. Manam Comfort Filipino is a casual dining that is known for serving delicious Filipino dishes and good value for the money. Their menu has options for serving size; small medium & large, and there were varieties of dishes to choose from.


Start your feast with their Adobong Bulaklak ng Kalabasa.


It’s categorized at the Ensalada & Gulay choices of Manam’s menu. This dish is made out of pumpkin flowers, fried tofu, and tinapa flakes. It is an adobo-style stir-fried dish. I’ll probably rate this at 4/5 because the soy sauce overpowered the taste of the dish making it a bit salty.


House Crispy Sisig

This is my favorite among the dishes that we have ordered. It’s made of pork jowls, cheek, and ears. Those 3 main ingredients were finely chopped, grilled, and served on a sizzling plate. I’m giving this a rate of 5/5 because it was absolutely tasty and the fat will just melt in your mouth like butter!


Crunchy Salt and Pepper Squid Rings

This dish is just like the Calamares served in other restaurants. It is paired with a sweet chilli dip sauce. I didn’t like it that much because it was too salty. My rating to this dish is 3/5.



My second favorite!!! It’s different from the usual dinuguan of the Filipinos because this dish is made out of pork meat. I just really love this dish so much that I was able to finish it all by myself. I’ll give this a rating of 5/5.

So for everyone who loves Filipino dishes, you’ll surely love this restaurant. Thumbs up for Manam’s appetizing dishes!

Review by Naomi Yumul


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