11123614_1093788713971687_411950579_nI am Micaella Lopena and currently studying at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. A 17 year old student that dreamed on having my own restaurant and build it’s branches all over the world. I became a culinary student because I idolize my mother very much. She cooks very well and very delicious even though she didn’t took a culinary class, she just finished her high school and worked for a bakery because at their time, money is a big problem.

I decided to work abroad after graduation to help my parents send my siblings to school. I might also live there and take them with me to start a new life. I wanted to give them the best life they could ever have and I don’t want my siblings experience the same struggles and challenges my parents went through.

Sports is actually my thing and I think I’ve tried most of it but I still took culinary arts to learn how to mix and match spices like my mother. She is my inspiration in my everyday life. I always wanted to become a successful chef and be known in the entire world.


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