Not the Ordinary

Never have I thought of ending up in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde with the course Bachelor of Science – Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, and actually pursuing Culinary Arts track.

I would have wound up in a course more related to Arts and Music but here I am now a Sophomore student trying to take things in balance, from waking up early or maybe try to wake up at least just on time not to get late  for class (lol), up ’til I go home and do other things aside from being a student.


Being a student-chef is extraordinarily TIRING but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth it because it is TOTALLY WORTH IT, yes you get exhausted from all the kitchen/lab works and all the other subjects relating to it but it’s okay because-‘FOOD’ haha that is a part of it, also you get to learn all about it. Many think that studying BS-HRIM Major in Culinary Arts would only mean you are to learn how to cook but the thing is, we also study all the factors that contribute to it such as Tourism, and Hospitality Management.

We get to study, eat, travel and enjoy.

When in Korea

Plus you get to meet a lot of great people

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It has always been like this: Only those who dare to take up the challenge has the chance to become EXTRAORDINARY. – Anonymous


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